Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting Wealth

Hey bloggers.

As we know, we're now live in the information age. It's no doubt about it. The way people getting information are much different from those 50 years ago as well as changes in technique they used to spread the information it self.

The technology, technique and method those people use to work with during industry age much different with we had do nowadays. Today, information spreads in every seconds. People hunting information like a hunger. Doesn't matter rather you're an engineer, a teacher, lecturer, an industry worker, businessman, a student, a father or just a stay home mother.

There's no difference between an elite and a working man except the way how we manipulate the information to turn it into money! For a succeed man, money is everywhere. Everything they do they will generate income into their bank. It's not necessary to leave their home. They're free to control their working time, activity and place as they wish.

Today, spreading and serving information activities to others mean earning money. Doesn't matter what kind of information. It's just fine to work from your computer from your bedroom. Blogging is just fine. But did you gain some dollars from your blog? If the answer is NO, then let's me show you how.

Placing some advertisement in your blog is a great idea. First sign up as a Publisher with, you will recieve a £5 sign up bonus once ads have been allocated to your web page. They will pay you for displaying ads. For each ad you publish on your website page, you will be paid £3 per month. Payment will start once the ad has been live for a full month. You can add up to 5 pages per domain. Second, register your self as an affiliate. They will pay you £5 as some one joint the program trought your refferal link.

How much you'll get paid? Uh... it's much depend on your efford. Just a simple calculation here: 1 add per page, make it up to 5 pages (maximum) and you earn £15 per month. Not really enought ? Promote your affiliate link and collect £5 per new members registration you referred. Umm, it's smell good!

When you healthy, let's work smartly. While the program work... you're on the way to WEALTH! Good luck bloggers.