Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 'fever' is back!
The greatest show comes once every four years. With the FIFA 2010 world cup just around the corner, the stage is now set for the galaxy of stars to showcase their skills.

Which team will win the coveted trophy? Shall Italy win the tournement once again to claim their 5th time after FIFA world cup 2006? The ball is round... Every team is striving for the victory.

A medical study that has reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in early 2008 may or may not surpricing you! Viewing a stressfull sport like football match more than doubles the risk of getting a heart attack.

According to the report, patients in the greater Munich are who suffered accute cardiac events such as myocardial in-farction (heart attack), unstable angina and serious cardiac arrhythmias (heart rhythm problem) were prospectively studied during the FIFA World Cup 2006 which held in Germany.

On days the match involving German team, the incidence of cardiac emergencies was 2.66 higher then times outside of the World Cup, with men at 2.36 times and women at 1.82 times. The highest average incidence was observed during first 2 hours after beginning of each match.

Now you may ask, does it matter if your team win or loose?

A British study found that heat attact incidence increase after the English team lost in the penalty shoot-out. Irronically, the Germany study also documented the same matter when their national team won the match with penalty shoot-out! Winning or loosing the game is isn't a matter to get the risk.

Football fans all over the world shall not to miss their favourite team. You may unable to stop yourself to watch the match. Well, if you know you're have CHD (coronary heart disease) risk, better to consider of these important points:
  • never miss your medication at any time, especially during these season
  • if your heart condition are not stable, best for you to stay away from match exite you most or consult your doctor about adjusting your medication
  • try not to watch the match alone
  • stop smooking and never drink in excess

However, if you're not clear with your heart status, best to see your doctor now especially if you're over 40 and a smooker or drinker. It's better to make it now since you still have time to do so rather then late.

Magic Eraser Removes Brain Tumor

A US doctor has successfully removed a terminal brain tumour from a little boy's brain stem by using a "magic eraser".

According to Xinhua, Saint John's Health Centre in Santa Monica near Los Angeles revealed that doctor Amin Kassam used the device, called a Nico Myriad, to remove the tumour from a Belgian boy's brain system, reports the Star Online.

The hospital revealed that the boy, identified only as Tristan, was facing certain death from a chordoma, a rare, malignant brain tumour, which had wrapped around the 4-year-old's brain stem, making it impossible to use normal surgical techniques.

Kassam went to Belgium with the new device, which is described as an automated device that can cut the tumour up into microscopic strands without producing heat.

The Myriad device was introduced to the United States about a year ago, and Kassam is one of the few neurosurgeons trained to use it. The device has a bendable cutting tip that allows surgeons to access hard-to-reach tumour sites, and the child's tumour removal was performed through the child's nostril, taking a team of surgeons 13 hours.

The "magic eraser" provides precise tissue shaving on or near critical body parts, like blood vessels and nerves, and also vacuums tumour tissue into a collection chamber for laboratory evaluation, the hospital said.

Although chordomas are slow growing, they can cause pain, paralysis, problems with vision, swallowing and death. (ANI)

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