Monday, October 12, 2009

Dying in Expensive Way!

Smoking become a habit for most people. In 2002, WHO's statistic shows about a third of the male adult global population smokes. It's doesn't stop there. Among young teens (aged 13 to 15), about one in five smokes worldwide. Where's between 80,000 and 100,000 children worldwide start smoking every day - roughly half of whom live in Asia.

Smoking is a costly habit in one or more reason. In Malaysia, since last several years, goverment continuesly increasing taxes on cigarettes. Even a cheaper brand, a box of 20 cigaretts cost about $7 to $12. Easily you can estimate to save up to $180 monthly. But the cost always increasing as you're craving more and more to smoke.
The most 'expensive' value that smokers to consider is health. Not only their own health but their child, family members and people around them which may effected by smoke from the cigaretts. Words in written campaign always neglected. Giving very less impact as we always run out of time to read and understand it. Let's watch the video and be understand why we MUST STOP SMOOKING and save our live:

Personal budget and health issue are not strong enought to influence people to quit smoking. They still believe cigarett are not the 'evil'. Most country launch their campaign throughtout printed and electronic media. This is a way to educate people on the street. We can see the result, but still far from the target. One of the A survey in the UK found about half of smokers think that smoking "can't really be all that dangerous, or the Government wouldn't let cigarettes be advertised".

Through advertising, tobacco firms try to link smoking with athletic prowess, sexual attractiveness, success, adult sophistication, adventure and self-fulfilment. It's seem to compete goverment and NGO's anti smoking campaign.

Multinational tobacco firm invest a huge money to run their ads.In 1997, the tobacco industry's spending on advertising in the United States was about $15 million a day ($5.7 billion for the year). A survey carried out in 1998 found that tobacco companies were among the top 10 advertisers in 18 out of 66 countries surveyed.

It's seem a good investment to them. After the entry of foreign multinational tobacco firms into Japan, the Republic of Korea and Thailand, youth and female smoking rose significantly. One British survey found that nearly 99% of women did not know of the link between smoking and cervical cancer. One survey found that 60% of Chinese adults did not know that smoking can cause lung cancer while 96% were unaware it can cause heart disease. Here we can see the goverment and NGO need to play a bigest role to built people awareness .

Recently many country start to band cigarett advertisements. But tobacco industry has changed the way it advertises. Now, only 10% of advertising expenditure goes to print and outdoor advertisements, while more than half goes to promotional allowances and items, such as t-shirts for young people or lighters and key rings. The war still goes on... to QUIT SMOKING!

Smokers know how hard to quit smoking. Sometimes it's not easy as we say. They need some 'tool' and moral support too. Let's take a break and watch this video try to understand the challanges they face to quit smooking.

Do you willing to quit smoking now? Do you have enought energy to throwout your bad habit? There's many way to help and guide you in quit smooking. Tips, guide and treatment you may find out out there. But be passion to choose a good one for your selve.

NRT or Nircotine Replacement Therapy is one of anti- smoking treatment that has been in use for the past couple of years. It tries to confront smoking and its effects by introducing nicotine into the body. Therefore, NRT actually fights nicotine with nicotine. Some of the forms of NRT include nicotine gum, inhalers and patches. Some cases were reported pation facing some side-effects that arise with absolutely no relief from smoking.

There's another way to stop smoking. VitoHerbs has came up with NicoNot, herbal solution in helping you against smoking. NicoNot comprises of the finest herbs that work on eliminating the withdrawal symptoms that lead smokers to return to smoking. It's works on the same receptors in the brain that nicotine binds to when inhaled during smoking. NicoNot, thus, stabilizes the system and prevents it from having setbacks of craving and withdrawal.