Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Now everybody can ride a bike

Credit: Yahoo news
 A new design of bicycle has been invented. The bicycle made almost entirely of cardboard has potentially wide spread all over the world.

The cardboard bicycle seems has the potential to change transportation habits from the most congested cities to the poorest country.

Beside of it's low price, the bicycle uses recycleable materials which were environment friendly. So we can enjoy our physical activities with this 'green bicycle' along our neighborhood.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Minimum cigarette price in Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA Aug 14 — Malaysian government has set the minimum price of all cigarette brands at RM7 effective Sept 1 and only allows cigarette packets with 20 sticks to be sold.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said with effect from that date all discounting prices by cigarette companies would also not be allowed Cigarette companies would also be required to only produce cigarette carton containing 10 packets he told a media conference after introducing the ASAP Smoke Free Lifestyle ambassador here today.

The regulations imposed on cigarette companies were aimed at reducing the capability of children youngsters and the low income earners to buy cigarettes.

Monday, August 20, 2012

World No Tobacco Day 2012

On this year's World No Tobacco Day, which was celebrated on 31st May 2012, the main objective behind the campaign would be to put the sportlight on the tobbaco industry's continued efforts to undermine the policies from WHO FCTC, which states "the need to be alert to any efforts by the tobacco industry to undermine or subvert tobacco control efforts and the need to be informed of activities of the tobacco industriey that have a negative impact on tobacco efforts".

One good example of the tobacco industry's unwillingness to adhere to the policies was to stop the progress for pictorial health warnings on cigarette boxes; they ave opted to sue countries under bilateral investment treaties that claim the warning is intruding in their branding.

The world No Tobacco Day 2012 is a platform to train policy-makers and the public of these harmfull tactics, and throughout the following year, WHO will advocate countries to put the fight against tobacco industry on centre stage to have a better control on the epidemic.

  • Tobacco use is one of the leading preventable causes of death.
  • 6 million people die each year due to the global tobacco epidemic.
  • Of which 600,000 will die from second hand smoke.
  • If the tobacco epidemic continues, by 2030 it will kill 8 million people globally.


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*This article was extracted from Neoplasia, National Cancer Council 02/2012 buletin.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Basis Band The Health Monitoring Gadget

Heart rate without a chest strap

This gadget just looks like an ordinary watch, but it's functions differently. Multiple sensors tacked to the bottom of the device to track your daily heart rate, caloric burn, physical activity, and sleep patterns.

Basis Science, Inc made the band lightweight and waterproof to encourage users to wear the device 24/7.

All the information you receive is customized based on your data by our science team’s sophisticated algorithms.

All your personal and health information are keept safely. You are in control of your data, so you decide what to share — or whether to share. 

Sleep well

Right posture helps for better sleep
Every single people has a natural rhythm that determines how much sleep they need. Recently, doctors and mattress maker found that getting the right amount of sleep can fight illness, make people feel better. An adult should need 8 hours sleeping in average. But, it doesn't mean you'll get up well in the morning.

Even sleep posture can leave you achy if you’re not properly positioned.

The Mayo Clinic says that simple changes in sleep position can take strain off your back. If you’re a side sleeper, use a pillow that keeps your spine aligned by supporting your head so that your neck isn’t held at an awkward angle. Also, when you lie on your side, your top knee drops, pulling down on your back, so place a pillow between your knees to stay aligned.

Back sleepers can place a pillow under the knees to open up the joint spaces in the spine. If possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach because it creates neck strain.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How To Boost Metabolism, Eliminates Fat

Metabolism works differently in every person. Increasing metabolism is great to eliminate fat and at the same time you will feel more energetic. There are many ways we can do. You may start to practice the following:

  1. Eat foods that actually help burning the fat away: Some fruits and vegetables will require your body to consume more calories to digest it. Among the best foods to do these are:
  • Watermelon
  • Apples
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach, etc.
2.  Physical activities is another great way to improve your metabolism. Here's some prooven exercises you may try:
  • Weight lifting: It's not necessary for you to lift a heavy things, just to make your muscle work out.
  • Squats: This is the most important weight training exercise because it works your whole body, not just your legs.
  • Strength training: Muscle building exercises, help breakdown fat and increase body fitness as lean muscle burns more calories than fatty tissue.
  • Cardiovascular exercise: Running, biking, hiking, brisk walking or even jumping on a trampoline.

3. Drink enough plain water: Eliminate toxins, hold back your appetite and helps get rid of the fat and  accelerate your metabolism.

4. Never skip your breakfast: Never forget the goodness of legumes, grains, nuts, cheese and fresh fruits.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

How To Get A Hollywood Celebrity’s Abs

Most celebrities seem to have a great life. Even that type of body which just makes us wonder exactly how they are able to do it all. Sure, it requires a tremendous amount of effort, which almost of you thought unable to do so.

These techniques for training and nutrition have been slightly modified so that you will not necessarily need to spend a great fortune. These are also natural methods for getting those six pack abs.

Firstly, you must understand though that you already have six pack abs but you simply just cannot see them through all the layer of fat. Your objective now is to lower the levels of body fat and buildup your muscles to leaner size.

Here's some great trick how to get your dream body shape:
  • increases your metabolic rate
  • stop taking all those ridiculous junk food
  • choose all organic fruits, vegetables and lean protein
  • consume less of the refined carbohydrates
  • eat more of the whole wheat bread and pasta
  • take more protien or protien suppliment
  • consume lesser sugar
  • use monounsaturated fat like olive oil when cooking
But, it's not so easy to work up. Much more things you need to know before you get started. A great way to learn more of the trade secrets of Hollywood star-like bodies is by reading the Truth About Abs. Read the Truth About Abs review which offer great detail about what this product has to offer and how it can help turn your fitness around.