Thursday, April 19, 2012

Basis Band The Health Monitoring Gadget

Heart rate without a chest strap

This gadget just looks like an ordinary watch, but it's functions differently. Multiple sensors tacked to the bottom of the device to track your daily heart rate, caloric burn, physical activity, and sleep patterns.

Basis Science, Inc made the band lightweight and waterproof to encourage users to wear the device 24/7.

All the information you receive is customized based on your data by our science team’s sophisticated algorithms.

All your personal and health information are keept safely. You are in control of your data, so you decide what to share — or whether to share. 

Sleep well

Right posture helps for better sleep
Every single people has a natural rhythm that determines how much sleep they need. Recently, doctors and mattress maker found that getting the right amount of sleep can fight illness, make people feel better. An adult should need 8 hours sleeping in average. But, it doesn't mean you'll get up well in the morning.

Even sleep posture can leave you achy if you’re not properly positioned.

The Mayo Clinic says that simple changes in sleep position can take strain off your back. If you’re a side sleeper, use a pillow that keeps your spine aligned by supporting your head so that your neck isn’t held at an awkward angle. Also, when you lie on your side, your top knee drops, pulling down on your back, so place a pillow between your knees to stay aligned.

Back sleepers can place a pillow under the knees to open up the joint spaces in the spine. If possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach because it creates neck strain.

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