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Embarassing Fishie Odour Vagina

Why some women just smell fishier? Is it normal for woman to have vaginal bad odor? Yes, the fact is all women have it, but how bad it was are differ to each other. The vaginal bad odour is caused by bacterial vaginosis. Some of the bacteria multiply so that more are present than is normal.

Bacterial vaginosis is not an infection caught from your partner, it is due to bacteria that are normally present in the vagina. It's happens when the natural bacteria that lives in the vagina starts to over grow.It’s completely natural and not something to stress about but, in some serious cases a vaginal discharge that can be milky white, yellow or even a gray color.

Other symptoms can also include itchiness, burning upon urination as well as the areas in or around the vagina may also be sore to the touch. You should see your gynecologist, who can test for it and, if you come up positive, prescribe an antibiotic that should clear it up.

One final note: While BV isn’t a sexually transmitted disease (STD), vaginal odor can sometimes be a sign of one, so your gynecologist may want to rule out that, too. Bacterial vaginosis is treated with an antibiotic, metronidazole, from your doctor.

A vegetarian friend says, some certain  fruits and vegetables may gives come affect on vaginal fluid. For example pineapple and celery give your vaginal fluids a milder taste. While meat, fish, and dairy products, on the other hand, make them taste stronger. So do garlic, spices, and caffeine. Drinking a lot of water may  help you flush out any possible offenders.

If you’re prone to BV or yeast infections, it's a good advice to wear all-cotton of undergarment for better air flow. This will keep moisture to a minimum which good in controlling bacterial breed.

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