Friday, December 26, 2008

Enjoy a Merry Christmas With Christina

Dedicating Christina Aguilera Christmas Song to all of you and
wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Informative MAKNA

I just receiving the 3rd MAKNA news bulletin. Actually I start reveiving this quaterly published news bulletin since last year. I found it really informative.

Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA) or National Cancer Council is a non-profit organization registered under the Malaysian Register of Societies on 10th November 1994 and officially launched on 30th March 1995. They do many things; all about cancer.

In this 3rd Q/2008 edition they has highlited a booklet title 'Food Intake During Chemotherapy' that was written by 3 professionals from the Cancer Education & Outreach Services Laboratory (CaEd), University Putra Malaysia.

The following is an extract of vital information from the booklet regarding chemoterapy:

  1. Chemotherapy are usage of medicine to treat disease, especially cancer cells that have spread to other organs from it's original organ.
  2. Chemotherapy are used for treating cancer, preventing cancer from spreading, delaying and killing the cancer cells and reducing the effects of cancer.
  3. Chemotherapy may reduce the red blood cells. Cause of loss of appertite, nausea and vomitting.
  4. It's important for you to take good quality and enought food during the therapy to make sure youre feel healthy, to maintain the functions of the body as well as to quicken the recovery proces, reduce side effect and to increase the body's emmune system.
  5. The recommended food during chemotherapy such as:
  • Rice, bread, noodles, potato, topioca, sweet potato, ect.
  • Fresh fish, meat, chicken, egg, milk, soya
  • Fruits such as watermelon, papaya, jackfruit and banana as well as taking vegetables such spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, etc.
  • More water and other drinhs.
6. Food such as fatty food, curries, fried food, spicy food shall be avoided.
7. Fruits and vegetables must be well-washed before cutting or peeling.
8. Food such egg, meat, fish and chicken must be well-cooked.
9. During the therapy, it's advised:
  • Eat something before the treatment.
  • Eat nutritious food to get more energy and rest more.
  • Drink more water.
  • If you're unable to eat, consume soft food in small portions but in a frequent manner.
  • Reduce fried or oily food because it can cause digestion problems.
  • If you're recovered and healthy, you can eat as usual.
MAKNA is a good starting point if you needs of information or to donate or perhaps to be a volunteer.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Away from arthritis

Arthitis is an inflamation of joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. There are more then 100 different types of arthritis, but they have one thing in common - pain, swelling and stiffness. The most common arthritic condition include osteoarthritis, reumatoid arthritis and gout.

Arthritis can effect virtually every part of the body, from the feet to the knees, back, shoulders and fingers. While this condition may affect people of all ages (including children), the most common affected are seniors. If you're over 50 years old, there's an 80% chance that you might be suffering from some degree of arthritis.

Arthritis causes by two factor:

1. Damage to joint cartilage:
As we age, the cumulative effects of wear and tear cantrigger the breakdown of joint cartilage. Damage to the cartilage results in the release of certain enzymes that further destroy cartilage component. As cartilage roughens and wear down, the end of bones become increasingly exposed and eventually damaged. As we age, our body loses the ability to manufacture sufficient level of Glucosamine.

Glucosamine is the critical building block of connective tissue substances that form the cartilage and is issential for the health and strength of the joints. Maintaining healthy cartilage is critical to ensure healthy, flexible joints and unrestricted, pain-free movement.

2. Inflammation Causes by excessive bad prostaglandins: Muscle and joint pain are caused by inflammation, which causes swelling, redness, heat and pain - the typical characteristics of arthritis.

Inflammation is caused by the release of "bad" prostaglandin into the tissues without sufficient "good" prostaglandins to counter its effect. Increased consumtion of refined polyunsaturated oil product such margarine, fast foods and other processed food, a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, ageing, daily stress and all forms of pullotion cause the body to produce more of these "bad" prostaglandins.

Fortunately, there are safe and effective natural ways to conquering the problem:

Rebuilt Worn and Damaged Cartilage
Studies have shown that Glucosamine relieves arthritis pain and stiffness with no side effects compared to conventional arthritis drugs. It normalises cartilage metabolism and keeps in check cartilage-destroying enzymes that cause the breakdown of cartilage. Apart from that, Glucosamine also stimulates the production of cartilage-building proteins, attracts and holds water in the joints so that cartilage does not dry out and becomes suspectible to cracking.

Currently, Glucosamine is gaining acceptance as a safe alternative treathment for arthritis, replacing conversional arthritis drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which may have deleterious side effects by blocking cartilage formation and speeding up cartilage destruction.

Arrest Inflammation
Omega 3 inhibits the activity of COX-2, thus reducing the production of "bad" prostalandins that causes inflammation. Clinical studies reported decreases morning stiffness, fewer tender and swollen joints, less fatigue and less use of painkillers following regular intake of Omega 3 fish oil.

However, at least 12 week of supplementation were needed before the benefit were felt. Researches have also found that supplementation with Omega 3 helps the healing of ligament injuries by speeding up collagen synthesis and enhancing the entry of new cells into the affected area.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting Wealth

Hey bloggers.

As we know, we're now live in the information age. It's no doubt about it. The way people getting information are much different from those 50 years ago as well as changes in technique they used to spread the information it self.

The technology, technique and method those people use to work with during industry age much different with we had do nowadays. Today, information spreads in every seconds. People hunting information like a hunger. Doesn't matter rather you're an engineer, a teacher, lecturer, an industry worker, businessman, a student, a father or just a stay home mother.

There's no difference between an elite and a working man except the way how we manipulate the information to turn it into money! For a succeed man, money is everywhere. Everything they do they will generate income into their bank. It's not necessary to leave their home. They're free to control their working time, activity and place as they wish.

Today, spreading and serving information activities to others mean earning money. Doesn't matter what kind of information. It's just fine to work from your computer from your bedroom. Blogging is just fine. But did you gain some dollars from your blog? If the answer is NO, then let's me show you how.

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When you healthy, let's work smartly. While the program work... you're on the way to WEALTH! Good luck bloggers.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cell Phone's Cancer Risk

Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer.

The issue that concerns some scientists is electromagnetic radiation, especially its possible effects on children. However, it is not a major topic in conferences of brain specialists.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a type of radiation that is a form of electromagnetic radiation, according to the National Cancer Institute. Though studies are being done to see if there is a link between it and tumors of the brain and central nervous system, however there is no definitive link between the two.

A 2008 University of Utah analysis looked at nine studies — including some Herberman cites — with thousands of brain tumor patients and concludes there's no overall increased risk of brain tumors among cellular phone users. Studies last year in France and Norway concluded the same thing.

Dr. Ronald's warning is contrary to numerous studies that don't find a link between cancer and cell phone use and a public lack of worry the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He says children should use cell phones only for emergencies because their brains are still developing while adults should keep the phone away from the head and use the speakerphone or a wireless headset. So far this might the best step we can take as a cell phone users.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coffee As a Healthy Drink

New perception on coffee drinking...

For so long time, coffee has been taken as a favourite beverage. But it's not usually thought of as health food. A number of recent studies suggest that it can be a highly beneficial drink.

The New York Times report, The Journal of the American Medical Association has concluded that habitual coffee consumption was consistently associated with a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes. Researchers also found a strong evidence that coffee reduces the risk of several serious ailments, including heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

Coffee contains antioxidants which help control the cell damage that can contribute to the development of the disease. Beside of that chlorogenic acid, which associated with it has been shown in animal experiments to reduce glucose concentrations. This explained why it's good relation in controlling diabetes.

Researchers found people who drank four to six cups of coffee a day had a 28 percent reduced risk compared with people who drank two or fewer. Those who drank more than six had a 35 percent risk reduction. Another research by Norwegian found that women who drank one to three cups a day reduced their risk ofcardiovascular disease by 24 percent compared with those drinking no coffee at all.

The same finding has been published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which appeared in May, suggested that antioxidants in coffee may dampeninflammation, reducing the risk of disorders related to cardiovascular disease. Several compound such phenols, volatilearoma compounds and oxazoles that are efficiently absorbed shall contribute to its antioxidant capacity.

In another analysis, published in July in the same journal, researchers found that a typical serving of coffee contains more antioxidants than typical servings of grape juice, blueberries, raspberries andoranges.

Now, it's may the time for us to look over which type or brand of coffee really good for ourselves.


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Friday, July 11, 2008

CFLs Lamp: How Safe To Save

Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), also known as energy saving light bulb said can save you up to USD11.00 or about RM38.00 annually per bulb. CFLs more efficient in changing electricity to light compare to old-fashioned incandescent tungsten filament bulbs. Further more, it can stand 10 times longer. Total up, that you can save up to USD 110.00 or RM380.00 before needs to replace! All these seem like a good saving to your energy cost.

But at the  dark side you may need to know CFLs are tubes containing mercury and noble gases (typically argon). The latest modern generation of CFLs lamp contain about 4 milligrams of mercury. It's much lesser if compared to thermometer which may contain about 0.5 to 3 grams.

Mercury are very toxic. High mercury exposure may results in permanent nervous system and kidney damage. Event the amount contain in every single lamp are relatively small, care and precautiom steps must be taken if the CFLs bulb broken. In case of low exposure risk, health experts also warned that toxic mercury inside the bulbs can aggravate a range of problems including migraines and dizziness.

Like batteries, used CFLs bulb may not disposed into normal waste bin as we dump our kitchen rubbish. This hazardous waste if dispose by the wrong way could contaminate our water supply system.

Here's some safety precaution you should follow it CFLs bulb broken in your room:

  • Evacuate the room. Make sure no body stay inside the room (including your pets).

  • Open the window and leave the room at least for 15 minutes.

  • Shut off the central air heating or air conditioner unit.

  • Don't ever use a vacuum cleaner or sweep as this action may spread the mercury droplets around the house.

  • Use damp paper towel or disposable  wet wipe to clean the glass fragment and dust.

  • Place the remain in the plastic bag and seal. Dispose it into the municipal bin as you done for batteries.

  • Try not to inhale dust from the broken bulb.

Replace your CFLs lamp with a safer LED lighting

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Probiotics - The Friendly Bacteria

Good digestion and nutrient absorption are the first and most important path to buoyant health. Probiotics help your body get the most of everything you eat. They clear the spaces between the microvilli, the hair-like projections along the wall of the small intestinal, thus, enhancing the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids from the food. Not only does good intestinal flora promote efficient digestion and absorption, it can help inhibit and bloating.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bio-Super Food for the Whole Family?

To half the world's population, rice is life. It provides more than one fifth of the calories currently consumed by human. World rice production is exceeds 600 million tons per year.

Rice was known rich of protein, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients
and more then 120 antioxidants, cofactors and catalysts. Unfortunately, most of its nutrients were routinely destroyed or discharged during the milling process. During processing, the hull were removed, resulting in brown rice. Then the rise were polished to yield a white rice which sold in superstores. The process striped out almost of the nutrients and make it easily oxidized and unfit for human consumption indeed.

Now, with a new proprietary technology that stabilizes rice bran without adding chemicals, or degrading its nutritional profile, we can finally harness the full goodness of rice bran.

Stabilized Rice Bran is one of the most bio-availbale SUPERFOODS on earth. It is bursting with natural vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and phytonutrients, including rare anti-tumour vitamin B15 (Pangamic acid) and effective tissue healer Gamma Oryzanol.

Further more, Stabilized Rice Bran is the ONLY superfood with over 110 lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants and antioxidant cofactors! Its ORAC value surpasses other antioxidant rich fruits, including blueberries and pomegranates. This means it provides better and more complete antioxidant protection against free radical damage, the leading cause of premature ageing and degenerative diseases

Friday, February 29, 2008

Electric Shock

Everyone knows we need electricity in our life but we also must realize it can cause FATALITIES!

Do you know even a small amount of current as 500 milli amps that drawn from a 6 watt night-light bulb still can cause fatal?

Electricity or electric charges always tries to find the easiest path to the ground. It's flows easily through conductive materials such metal and water. And our body is about 70% water. That mean, electricity may easily go through our body.

Normally, electric shock causes by
improper handling, using a damaged electric appliances, faulty or damaged wire and cord insulation.

An electric shock affects our body in several ways such as
chest muscles contract, causing difficulty breathing and unconsciousness. Heartbeat interruption or heart failure. Burns which occur at the entrance and exit points of the current. Partial or total paralysis.

If an electrical emergency occurs, it’s important to ensure you're not panic and taking a correct steps without getting hurt yourself.

  • Do not touch the victim.

  • Turned off the switch and unplug the appliance from the outlet or turn off the power at the fuse box or circuit breaker.

  • Call the emergency service (999, 911, etc). Making sure to tell the them it is an electrical accident. Better if you can find someone to do so.

  • Administer first aid (CPR, if you are certified).

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Power Nap

A six minutes nap in the middle of day time may give a great impact to your performance.  Germany  scientists study  at University of Dusseldorf  believes  the catnaps may enought to improve our memory.

It's great to know that Churchill took to his bed every day after lunch. The same things goes to Bill Clinton,  John F Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Florence Nightingale and the Duke of Wellington which said they took a 30-minute nap after lunch.

"Having a nap very often infront your TV set is a different issue. It may lead you to a bad symptom. And don't ever expect to experience it while you driving. Then, you know you're whole life will change soon... !"

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Migraine most affects those aged between 35 and 45 years. But some report says its also can trouble much younger people, including children. WHO estimated in 2003 that 303 million people worldwide were migraine sufferers.

European and American studies have shown that 6-8% of men and 15-18% of women experience migraine each year. Migraine appears somewhat less prevalent, but still common, in Asia (3% of men and 10% of women). The higher rates in women everywhere (2-3 times those in men) are hormonally-driven.

Migrain headache is a neurological disease. It's usually characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head. The hectic pace of life, insufficient sleep, stress and other factors all contribute to what can be a very unpleasant and debilitating source of pain.  Migraine sufferers may experiencing different symptoms each others such as :

  • Intense throbbing or dull aching pain on one side of your head or both sides.

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Changes in how you see, including blurred vision or blind spots

  • Being bothered by light, noise or odors

  • Feeling tired and/or confused

  • Stopped-up nose

  • Feeling cold or sweaty

  • Stiff or tender neck

  • Light-headedness

  • Tender scalp

Beside the usage of drug based medication, there are many approaches we can try to relieve migrain headaches. Herbal and home remedies, physical therapy, stress management activities such as massage and relaxation theraphy. The ancient Egyptians and the Chinese used magnetic fields through magnets to treat diseases. The physician and philosopher Paracelsus used magnetic field to cure spasms and headaches.


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Today, new technology was applied to produce magnetic waves to replace a static mechanical magnet. It's said more effective as the pulsatic magnetic field produced by these electronic device giving some special effect which may not possible with static megnetic field.

Tips on reducing the pain

  • Lie down in a dark, quiet room.

  • Put a cold compress or rag over your forehead.

  • Massage your scalp using a lot of pressure.

  • Put pressure on your temples.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thermometer: Keep The Health Care Tool Ready

Almost of us know the use of this handy health care tool. Mostly we keep one somewhere in the house and use it when our parent or children come across an unhealthy feeling.It's really helpful when the situation happen in the middle of the night, where it's not an easy time to get a doctor just at the moment.

Basically, there are several ways to take your child's temperature: axillary (armpit), oral and rectal. Two general and most popular types of thermometers used are digital and glass mercury. However, it's not recommend a glass mercury thermometer on children due to safety issues with mercury and broken glass.

Figure 1: A fever mercury glass thermometer

The safest way to take a temperature for anyone especially for infant or young child at home is by axillary methode. Temperature is taken in the armpit (axilla).

* Place the tip of the thermometer in the armpit and hold the arm snuggly against  the body.
* Wait until the digital thermometer beeps ( or follow according to manufacturer  direction).
* Take the thermometer out and read it.

A new design digital electronic digital thermometer is most common now aday. It's never use glass and mercury to make it safer  and handy too. You can use it without to worry it tif it were broken inside the mouth.

Figure 2: A handy digital thermometer

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Eat For Health

Healthy people always do mind what they eat. Make sure you regularly eat foods that have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Take more in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and reduce in high cholesterol food.

If you were referred to a doctor or nutritionist, they may advice you for vitamins or supplement. Exercise and physical activities will keep you stay active.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Your Health And The Wealth

Generally,healthier individuals do better economically. They are more productive, live longer, happier with their life and save more for retirement. Among the children and student they have better schooling outcomes and cognition.

Further more, we can see countries with healthier populations have better economic status compared to others. Logically, they are the human capital to the nation.